for vehicles with 2,0 TDI / 2,0 TSI and front wheel drive FA-load: up to 1140 kg, RA-load: up to 1120 kg Tieferlegung VA ca. 25 mm, HA ca. 30 mm

range of use: 

VW Arteon_3G80 (coupe, MY 2018)  

all versions with 2,0l TDI/ 2,0l TSI and FWD 

below the following max. axle loads: FA: 1140kg RA: 1120kg  

suitable for: 

- vehicles with electronical damper control DCC  

not suitable for: 

- all versions with R-Line sport suspension   

additional information: 

The final lowering rate varies depending on the configuration of the vehicle. In the time after the springs have been mounted it is possible that the front axle lowering increases. At Vehicles with electronical damper control the lowering will be 10-15 mm less.  

After mounting the ABT - suspension springs the position of the head lamps and axle needs to be checked and possibly re-adjusted (work incl. in the assembly costs). Addtionally and depending on the serial car configuration further technical systems (for example: lane assist; adaptive cruise control; cornering lights, camera systems, etc.) needs to be checked and possibly re-adjusted. In this regards it is necessary to follow the current instructions of the manufacturer.  

The costs for possibly additional work is not included in the assembly time and therefore needs to be charged additionally. 

Diesel (D) / Gasoline (G)
D 150HP 110kW
D 190HP 140kW
G 190HP 140kW