AC Schnitzer performance upgrade

for M40i with engine B58B30M0 and 260 kW / 354 hp standard performance until production 07/2019
performance: 302 kW / 410 hp
torque standard: 500NM
torque AC Schnitzer: 600Nm
- for vehicles with and without Otto particle filter SA 01DE
- measured according to current test method WLTP/ Euro 6d-TEMP

- use of min. 98 octane fuel is required
- Includes 36 months AC Schnitzer warranty from initial registration.
- Please state vehicle/owner data and mileage

AC Schnitzer Performance upgrades
- Additional control unit with programming
- "Plug & Play"
- Optimized motor efficiency
- more performance = improved agility
- Warranty: 3 years in Germany - up to 5 years internationally
- Here you can find the complete Warranty Conditions.
- homologation certificates for almost all performance upgrades

Uniqueness of the AC Schnitzer performance upgrade
- Increasing torque is more important than increasing horsepower
- No need for maximum power to ensure the stability and longevity of the engine
- extensively tested
- Increased driving pleasure

Scope of delivery:
- control unit with software programming
- vehicle-specific wiring harness with original plug connection
- incl. assembly guarantee: 3 years in Germany - up to 5 years internationally
- warranty terms
- aluminium sticker for the engine compartment
- sticker "efficient performance"
- certificate “Performance Upgrade”
- certificate of authenticity
- homologation certificate 

AC Schnitzer performance upgrade