Audi A6 Avant front wheel drive and quattro FA-load: up to 1185 kg, RA-load: up to 1365 kg Lowering FA ca. 30 mm / RA ca. 25 mm

Suitable for vehicles with serial sport suspension. 

Suitable for vehicles with Audi drive select. 

Not suitable for vehicles with serial S-line sport suspension. 

Not suitable for vehicles with serial air suspension system (adaptive air suspension)  

The final lowering depends on the individual configuration of the vehicle; the lowering might be 15-20mm less for vehicles with serial sport suspension.  

Vehicles with Audi s-line sport suspension already have a lowering of approx 25-30mm. An additional lowering with ABT sport suspension springs will not be realized.  

Higher cost for the installation of the ABT-suspension products may arise due to additional set up cost for electronical equipment (like automatic cruise control (ACC), active lane assist, active side assist and others). This cost are not included yet in the installation cost. The instructions of the manufacturer have to be obeyed.

Article number: 4G0502010