REAR SKIRT SET (Deisel / 190HP140kW / 218HP160kW / 272HP200kW)

for A4 Avant 2.0 TDI, 140 kW front wheel drive / quattro 

for A4 Avant 3.0 TDI front wheel drive / quattro 

only for vehicles with s-line exterior package and panoramic roof 

consisting of: 

- 8W008002130 ABT rear skirt insert, material PUR / primed 

- 8W002002100 ABT 4-pipe rear muffler Ø84mm, material: stainless steel

range of use: 

- Audi A4_8W00 (Avant, 2.0 TDI, 140 kW)  

- Audi A4_8W00 (Avant, 3.0 TDI)  

- vehicles with S-Line exterior package 

- only suitable for vehicles with panoramic roof!  

also suitable for vehicles with: 

- serial draw bar 

- park assistant rear 

- park assistant plus 

- park assistant 

- rear view camera 

- assistant package park 

- assistant package tour 

- assstant package city 

- Audi pre sense basic 

- Audi side assist 

- Audi active lane assist   

additional information: 

- on Audi A4_8W00 with standard exterior package the ABT - rear skirt insert can only be mounted after backfitting the serial rear skirt on to the S-Line rear skirt. The part volume which is therefor needed (rear skirt, mounting material) can vary depending on year of manufacture and configuration of the serial vehicle.   

- Due to that it has to be checked which parts are needed for the change over to the S-Line rear skirt with the vehicle identification number of the car. These parts have to be ordered separately in time before the conversion. 

- the glue which is needed for the assembly is not included in the delivery. Please only use the adhesives mentioned in the test documents (general operating license, approval). Disregard leads to the loss of the general operating licence and insurance protection of the vehicle as well as prosecution in case of damage.  

The approved adhesives can be bought at Volkswagen / Audi with article number 000.071.785 D as a complete adhesive set (glue incl. primer). One adhesive set is needed for the assembly. The primer which is included in the adhesive set is not needed for the assembly.

REAR SKIRT SET (Deisel / 190HP140kW / 218HP160kW / 272HP200kW)
REAR SKIRT SET (Deisel / 190HP140kW / 218HP160kW / 272HP200kW)
REAR SKIRT SET (Deisel / 190HP140kW / 218HP160kW / 272HP200kW)