consisting of:

- 7E008003130 ABT

- rear skirt add-on, (material: PUR / primed)

- 7E002003100 ABT

- rear muffler for diesel and gasoline, FWD and 4motion

range of use:

gasoline engines: 2,0l_R4_TFSI_110kW;

engine-code: CJKB 2,0l_R4_TFSI_150kW;

engine-code: CJKA diesel engines: 2,0l_R4_TDI_62kW;

engine-code: CXGA, CAAA 2,0l_R4_TDI_75kW;

engine-code: CXGB, CAAB 2,0l_R4_TDI_84kW;

engine-code: CXHB (without approval) 2,0l_R4_TDI_103kW;

engine-code: CAAC 2,0l_R4_TDI_110kW;

engine-code: CXFA, CXHA 2,0l_R4_TDI_132kW;

engine-code: CFCA 2,0l_R4_TDI_150kW;

engine-code: CXEB VW Bus T6 (Multivan, MY 2016)

configuration: Trendline, Comfortline, Highline, Business, Generation Six, Edition 30

VW Bus T6 (Caravelle, MY 2016) configuration: Comfortline, Highline

VW Bus T6 (California, MY 2016) configuration: Beach, Beach ``Edition``, Coast, Coast ``Edition``, Ocean, Ocean ``Edition``

also suitable for:

- vehicles with serial draw bar

- vehicles with park assistant rear

- vehicles with front wheel drive

- vehicles with 4-motion

- vehicles with a long wheelbase (see additional information)

- transporter (see additional Information)

limitations: not suitable for:

VW Bus T6 (Multivan, MY 2016) configuration: Conceptline

VW Bus T6 (Caravelle, MY 2016) configuration: Trendline, Trendline ´´Ecoprofi´´

VW Bus T6 (Transporter, MY 2016) configuration: Kombi, Kombi ``EcoProfi´´, box wagon, carriage single cabin, carriage double cabin, flatbed truck

additional information:

- the glue which is needed for the assembly is not included in the delivery. Please only use the adhesives mentioned in the test documents (general operating license, approval). Disregard leads to the loss of the general operating licence and insurance protection of the vehicle as well as prosecution in case of damage. The approved adhesives can be bought at Volkswagen / Audi with article number 000.071.785 D as a complete adhesive set (glue incl. primer). One adhesive set is needed for the assembly. The primer which is included in the adhesive set is not needed for the assembly.

- Transporter / Multivan vehicles with a long wheelbase need an additional bracket (art.-no.: 7H0 200 104) which also has to be installed. The bracket is not included in the delivery of the ABT rear muffler and has to be ordered separately before starting the installation work.

- on vehicles which are optionally equipped with a spare wheel under the floor of the luggage compartment, the spare wheel incl. braket, srews (and depending on the tire size maybe spacers) has to be removed before mounting the Abt - rear skirt insert / Abt - rear muffler. Abt Sportsline recommends the use of a tire mobility system instead.