material: carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFK) A6/S6 Avant (4G0/4G05) 

only possible for vehicles with s-line exterior kit

range of use: 

- Audi S6_4G0/4G05 Avant 

- Audi A6_4G0/4G05 Avant (only for vehicles with S-Line exterior package)  

additional information: 

- the glue which is needed for the assembly is not included in the delivery. Please only use the adhesives mentioned in the test documents (general operating license, approval). Disregard leads to the loss of the general operating license and insurance protection of the vehicle as well as prosecution in case of damage.  

The approved adhesives can be bought at Volkswagen/ Audi with article number 000.071.785 D as a complete adhesive set (glue incl. primer). Two adhesive sets are needed for the assembly. The primer which is included in the adhesive set is not needed for the assembly.