ABT POWER (Gasoline / 605HP445kW)

4,0 TFSI 445 kW (605 HP), 700 Nm to approx. 519 kW (705 HP), 840 Nm

Please note: Before the modification please check the speed index of the mounted tires. If the speed index is not sufficient the tires needs to be exchanged against the correct tires.


Use of 102 octane fuel is absolute necessary!

consisting of: ABT-ECU (AEC), bracket set, cable harness and mounting kit In this technology, the ABT Power Software is used in an additional engine control unit, the ABT Engine Control (AEC). Thus, ABT ensures the high standard in performance increase also in new developments and increasing high-tech in vehicles. Your advantage: The serial engine control unit remains untouched and the vehicle is completely diagnosable. And when it comes to the quality of AEC, the high standards of the VW Group apply.

ABT POWER (Gasoline / 605HP445kW)
ABT POWER (Gasoline / 605HP445kW)