AC Schnitzer rim 10,0 x 20 "Type AC1" BiColor "ET 50

for Z4 G29
for rear axle

AC1 alloy wheels

- Exclusively designed for BMW and MINI vehicles
- integrated AC Schnitzer lettering
- open design in BiColor that gives a direct view of the brakes

Uniqueness of AC1 alloy wheels
- Engineered in Germany
- Weight optimized
- Heat treated
- Exclusively for BMW Vehicles developed
- Equipped with exclusive logo AC Schnitzer
- Compatible with standard RDC system
- Also available as complete wheel -
Warranty 2 years
- Manufactured according to ISO standards monitored
- BiColor - optionally available in anthracite
- KDS mountings for wheel alignment in accordance with BMW specification available
- Spacers / assembly package for the best possible position in the wheel arch (to be ordered separately)
- Vehicle -specific assembly kit

Scope of supply
- AC1 rim, one-piece, cast in BiColor - Specific hub cap
- Quality trailer
- Expert report
- Optional vehicle and rim-specific mounting and fastening material
- Certificate of Authenticity 

AC Schnitzer rim 10,0 x 20 "Type AC1" BiColor "ET 50