AC Schnitzer performance upgrade

for X6M with engine S63B44T2 and
423 kW / 575 Series
Power: 478 kW / 650 hp
Torque Series: 750 Nm
Torque AC Schnitzer: 840 Nm
Power ratings only when using min. 98 octane fuel
Including 36 months AC Schnitzer warranty from first registration!
Please specify vehicle / holder data and km-stand.

AC Schnitzer performance enhancements
- additional control unit with programming
- Plug & Play
- optimized efficiency of the engine
- more power = improved agility
- warranty: 3 years in Germany up to 5 years international
- Here you will find our complete warranty conditions.
- Expertise available for almost all performance upgrades

Uniqueness of the AC Schnitzer performance enhancement
- Increased torque more important than the horsepower
- Abandonment of maximum power to ensure stability and longevity of the engine
- Thoroughly tested
- Increased driving pleasure Scope of

- Control unit with software programming
- vehicle-specific Wiring harness with original plug connection
- incl. Assembly guarantee: 3 years in Germany up to 5 years international
- Warranty conditions
- Aluminum badge for the engine compartment
- Sticker efficient performance
- Certificate increase in performance
- Certificate of Authenticity
- Parts certificate 

AC Schnitzer performance upgrade