AC Schnitzer intercooler step 2 for BMW M2 F87

please note the prodcuction information at the Infobox !
for M2 F87
not for M2 Competition

AC Schnitzer high-performance intercooler Step II
- ensures stable engine performance, even at high outside temperatures
- long-lasting and homogeneous power development of the engine through
optimal cooling of the charged air

Uniqueness of the AC Schnitzer intercooler for BMW Step II
- 85% larger flow area
- 90% more charge air volume
- Flow rate AC Schnitzer: 201 l/s at 175 mbar
- Flow rate OEM: 158 l/s at 175 mbar
- Charge air volume AC Schnitzer: 13.8 litres
- Charge air volume OEM: 7.3 liters
- Made in Germany
- exclusively for BMW cars

Scope of delivery
- AC Schnitzer intercooler 520x215x145 mm
- Fixing material
- mounting instruction
- weight 8.6 kg

AC Schnitzer intercooler step 2 for BMW M2 F87