vehicles with magnetic ride, magnetic ride will be deactivated height adjustable at front and rear axle, stainless steel technology pressure and rebound adjustable

FA-load: up to 1095 kg, RA-load: up to 1070 kg

Lowering: FA: aprox. 10-35mm RA: aprox. 10-35mm

suitable for:

- vehicles with Audi magnetic ride (see our article information)

Audi RS3_8V00 (Sportback, MJ 2015)

Audi RS3_8V07 (Sportback, PA, MJ 2018)

Audi RS3_8V07 (Lim., PA, MJ 2018)

- all vehicles under the following

axle load limit: FA: up to max: 1095kg RA: up to max: 1070kg

Tieferlegung: FA: ca. 10-35 mm RA: ca. 10-35 mm

Additional informations:

The final lowering depends on the individual configuration of the vehicle. An additional adaptation on the desired height measure is possible by the individual set possibility of the ABT sport suspension. After mounting the ABT - suspension springs the position of the head lamps and axle needs to be checked and possibly re-adjusted (work incl. in the assembly costs). Addtionally and depending on the serial car configuration further technical systems (for example: Audi lane assist; adaptive cruise control; rear assist; parking system plus, etc.) needs to be checked and possibly re-adjusted.

In this regards it is necessary to follow the current instructions of the manufacturer. The cost for possibly additional work is not included in the assembly time and therefore needs to be charged additionally. Vehicles with Audi magnetic ride also need a separate shutdown set. The article is KW68510424 and must be ordered separately. Without this shutdown set it will come to error massages.